Office of Clerk of General Assembly

Rev. Dr. Samuel Ayete-Nyampong

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong entered Trinity College in 1984 for his Theological Education.
In 1986 he gained admission to the University of Ghana for a Bachelor’s programme
in Psychology and Theology which he finished successfully.
In 1992 he was awarded a British Government Overseas Development Administration
Shared Scholarship (ODASS) to pursue a Master’s degree in Pastoral Care and
Counselling at the Aberdeen University in Scotland.
Having excelled in the Master’s programme, his course was upgraded to a PhD
which he completed successfully and returned home in 1997.
He also holds a Certificate in Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening (ID/OS) f
rom the Management for Development Foundation (MDF) in Ede, Netherlands.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Ayete-Nyampong has served the PCG in various capacities in Ghana and abroad.
His first ministerial station was Ramseyer Presbyterian Church, Adum-Kumasi between 1989-1991;
Later he served as Tutor in Psychology and Pastoral Counselling at the Ramseyer Training Centre, Abetifi from 1991-1992. After his PhD studies in Scotland, he was posted to the Accra Ridge Church as the
Resident/ Coordinating Presbyterian Minister between 1997-2002.
Between 2002-2004, he was the Resident minister of Christ Presbyterian Church, Adentan, Accra.

He was later appointed as Director of Ecumenical and Social Relations Director at the Headoffice of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in 2004.

As the Director of Ecumenical and Social Relations (ESR), Dr Ayete-Nyampong projected the image of the PCG and raised its profile abroad leading to the establishment of new ecumenical partnerships and the strengthening of old ones with churches in Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands,Scotland, England, Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia, Jamaica, and other mission and ecumenical organizations such as the
Christian Council of Ghana, World Council of Churches (WCC), the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), the African Partnership Consultation (APC), Africa Continental Assembly (ACA), the Association of Churches and Missions in Southwestern Germany (EMS) etc.

After serving his term as ESR Director, Dr. Ayete-Nyampong was appointed in 2010 as the substantive Director of the Presbyterian Interfaith Research and Resource Centre where he founded the Ghana Interfaith Network for Peace (GIYNEP) and also the International Interfaith Womens’ Network for Peace and Development (IIWNPD) in 2010-2011.

He has recently been appointed by Government as a member of The Ghana Psychology Council (A regulatory body for psychological and Counselling Professionals).
Between 2001 to 2010, Dr Ayete-Nyampong served the PCG as the chairman of the Presbyterian National Committee on Ministry to the Aged and facilitated a Trainer of Trainers’ Programmes on Ageing in Presbyteries.

He was also a member of the National Committee on Specialized Ministries of the PCG.
In 2008 he became a member of the Christian Council of Ghana, The New Head Office Location, Task Force for Peaceful Elections.

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong also represented the Presbyterian Church of Ghana on the Christian Council Asempa Publishers Annual General Meeting.
Between 2002-2004 he served as a Professional Counsellor on the Ghana National Reconciliation Commission (NRC).

He is the Founder of the Christian Action on Ageing in Africa (CAAA) (an NGO on ageing).
He is also the Founder of ‘Mission 50 Plus” – Ministry to the Ageing in the Accra Ridge Church. He is the Initiator and first Coordinator of the Presbyterian Youth Peace Project- a collaborative project between the PCG and EMS in Germany.
He was the Principal Consultant of ‘Care and Counselling Consultancy’, Ghana, and a Training Consultant on ‘Burnout’ and ‘Stress Management’ for the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCO) of VRA (2008-2009).

He has also served on the Board of the Community Directed Development Foundation (CDDF), Ghana (2008-2010).
Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong Chairs the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research.
He is a Motivational Speaker on GBC Radio on “Thoughts for the Day”.

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong is the current Vice President of World Communion of Reform Churches (Hanover, Germany).
He’s an Expert/Advisor in Theology – Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS), Stuttgart, Germany.

Internationally, Dr Ayete-Nyampong has also served in various capacities to project the image of the PCG, Ghana and Africa as a whole.
He is the first African Board Member and an International Consultant to the Board of Mission 21 in Basel, Switzerland.
He was a member of the International Study Team on Interfaith Dialogue and Relations of the EMS in 2007-2008 (The Study covered Lebanon, Indonesia and Germany).
He is the first West African to be appointed a member of the Advisory Board of Regional (Southern Africa) Eminent Persons (for the Centre for Peace Initiative (CPIA) in Zimbabwe (2008-2010).
He is the first African Coordinator/ Chairman of the African Partnership Consultation (APC) which coordinates church educational training programmes in Africa in conjunction with the United Reformed Church, UK.
He is also the first Ghanaian General Coordinator of the African Continental Assembly (ACA) of Mission 21, Basel and the Moderator of the General Assembly of ACA. This is a network of churches and Institutions in Africa which relate with Mission 21 in Basel.

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong is the first Presbyterian Church of Ghana minister to be elected (at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa) as President of the African Association of Pastoral Studies and Counselling (AAPSC)- a Regional Association of Institutions and pastoral counsellors which forms part of the International Association of Pastoral Care and Counselling (IAPCC).

Between 2004-2010, Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong was a member of the Mission Council of the Association of Churches and Missions in South-Western Germany (EMS)- A network of churches from Ghana, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Korea, Middle East, Japan, Switzerland and Germany.

He became the first Ghanaian to chair Commission 2 of the Mission Council of the EMS in Germany and was responsible for recommending ecumenical co-workers and allocating funds for various church and international projects.

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong also served as a member of the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Officers’ Network (Geneva), and became Africa’s representative on the WCC Ecumenical Officers Steering Committee from 2008-2010.

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong still maintains a strong academic interest in Practical Theology.
In 2010 he was appointed an External Examiner in Practical Theology for the University of Pretoria, South Africa.
He is also an External Examiner and postgraduate supervisor for Central University College.
He is an occasional lecturer and a postgraduate Supervisor for Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon.
Between 2000-2003 he was an Adjunct Lecturer in Practical Theology at the Central University College, Ghana where he lectured in Postgraduate and Undergraduate Courses in Conflict Resolution and Management and Pastoral Care and Counselling.

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong is a leading authority in Pastoral Gerontology (Pastoral Care for the Ageing) in Ghana and the rest of Africa. His books on the subject are used as library and teaching textbooks in Ghana and some leading Universities in the U.S.A such as Yale and Portland Universities.

Rev. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong is a member of these professional bodies:
African Association of Pastoral Studies and Counselling (AAPSC where he is the President);
The Pan African Bioethic Initiative (PABIN).
Until recently, he was a member of the American Society on Ageing (ASA) and the Gerontological Society of America (GSA).

Between 2000 and now Dr. Ayete-Nyampong has visited and attended several conferences where he usually presented papers or chaired meetings in: US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Cameroon, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Korea, Lebanon, Brazil, Jamaica, DR Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda, India and Malaysia.

His publications include:
Manual on Conflict Resolution and Management (2006)
Ecumenical and Social Relations of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana- A Resource for Church Leaders (2007)
Pastoral Care of Elderly People in Africa- A Contextual and Cross-Cultural Study (2008)
Ageing in Contemporary Ghana (2008)
Editor and Publisher of The Messenger Magazine (The Magazine for the African Churches in partnership with Mission 21, Basel, Switzerland) (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
Ageing Gracefully: A Practical Guide to Healthy and Successful Ageing (In Publication)
He has contributed to several Ecumenical Publications in Scotland, Switzerland, Canada and Germany.

His is married to Mrs. Lilian Ayete-Nyampong and his children are: Daisy Ayete-Nyampong, Angelina Ayete-Nyampong and John Ayete-Nyampong